Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well, I have gotten trouble with Mr. Whisonant for not writing in the past couple of weeks so here is an update of nothing exciting! We have been sick with this awful cold thing that I think is made extra awful because it won't stop raining here. Thank goodness we brought some American medicine with us!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty non-eventful. Chris has continued with school and his classes are going well. They are almost to mid-term so he has a number of things going on this week and next. I continue to work on my cooking skills. I have to say that I think I am becoming quite talented. I guess when you don't have any other choice you better get a clue what you are doing! Chris seems to be healthy overall so unless he is sneaking food I don't know about then I think my cooking is serving its purpose.

Chris's mom sent us a box of goodies that we were missing (thanks, Cheryl!) and we have consumed an unbelievable amount of Snickers in the past couple of days! We have also enjoyed the Kraft Mac and Cheese since this can't be bought at our local store. We fly into Atlanta in 6 weeks and although we can't wait to see everyone we are very excited about the idea of Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell. We have already decided what our first meal will be - Don't get between us and the Cracker Barrell!

My work continues to go well. Everyone there loves how I say, "yes ma'am / sir" and "no ma'am / sir". I told them that was great as long as they bought an LG TV while I was in the store - this has actually worked a couple of times. That reminds me - LG sent me a company cell phone to use and it is one of the now somewhat new LG Chocolate phones and is pretty cool.

This week we experienced what the locals were talking about with the daylight. It now is completely dark by 5:30 in the afternoon. This is not especially fun when you are trying to walk in heels in the dark and trip over the cobblestones and look like an idiot to the people in the buses watching you - believe me I have had this experience recently!

I better run. See everyone in 6 weeks!


MeMe said...

Hello Amber and Chris. Yea......only 6 weeks til your in the states. Mom was sharing with me the Christmas plans. Whatever works will be fine with us. I know it's going to be hard to juggle all the families wanting ya to be with them. We'll have Christmas just being able to see you sometime while ya are home. Love you both and I'll see you in 6 weeks. MeMe

Dad said...

Hey guys,

I couldn't resist responding to Amber's story of tripping on the cobblestones after dark. To those of us who know you well, Amber, the dark and the cobblestones have nothing to do with it! Your record speaks for itself when it comes to stumbling for no apparent reason. I'm sure the locals are entertained by your antics.

It sounds like Christmas meals will be a breeze this year (i.e. Taco Bell, Chic-fil-a, etc.) It's a good thing Waffle House is open on Christmas Day! I wonder how turkey tastes covered and smothered?

We'll see you guys in a few weeks.

Love you,

kurt said...

I just told your baby sister that I feel SO very old after seeing you guys' blogs! Man...I am seriously getting old! What day in May did you get married? I got married May 3rd, 2003 (my birthday so I would never forger my anniversary!). It must be awesome living in England. I have to tell you, I'm a little jealous because my all time favorite beer is Newcastle (shhhh...don't tell anyone)! I've got your RSS feed, so I'll be reading!

April Dawn said...

Hey there gorgeous! (I'm talking to Amber!)I miss you and love reading anything you have to say! I just updated my blog. I understand what you mean about not having much to say. I feel like I do the same thing everyday, just in a different place! For some reason, people find it interesting! OH, today, Stephanie swallowed a fly on stage. It was incredibly funny! I cant wait to come and visit next summer! How am I going to ever get there?!? I love you :)

Betsy said...

I'm glad that you updated again too. Katy and I had lunch last week and were commenting on the fact that there hadn't been a recent update. I hope I get to see you at Christmas time. If not, keep the updates coming. Take care of yourselves.
Betsy :)

Ansford said...

HEY!!! I can't WAIT for you guys to come home! I miss you so much! I wish you could be here for the play but I understand. As dad has already pointed out about the cobblestones, don't blame it on them! And of course I totally know what you're going through because I can barely stand up by myself(but I'm sure you already knew that)Well I gotta run 'cause it's getting late and mom and dad are going to start getting mad if I don't get ready for bed so I'll see you guys when you get here, and as always tell Christoper I said Cherrio!(not sure how to spell that :) )

P. S. You are going to get me a new phone like yours for Christmas right?

April Dawn said...

Hey! I miss you so much! I'm in Vegas this week and it is sweet! Lots of fun! I cant wait to see you! I'm a little homesick so coming home is going to be a nice treat! I'm sure you feel the same! I love you girl! Send me an email and tell me what's up.

uncle bryan said...

hey guys good to see things are going ok. hope to see ya'll when you come for Christmas. take care

Bryan, Kim and Brandi

Carol said...

Hi Amber and Chris,
This is Carol, Lisa Drakes' mom! I just wanted to let you know that as I am reflecting on my many blessings today the two of you come to mind. I am so thankful that Lisa and Mike will have such great friends to spend Thanksgiving with! I enjoyed the pictures of the pumpkin bread making and I can just tell the two of you will have great fun making all your Thanksgiving dinner favorites. Can't wait to see pictures! I pray your Thanksgiving day will be filled with laughter! Fondly, Carol Nowacki