Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Oh my gosh! We woke up to frost on our windows this morning and I just checked outside and there is frost on the grass and our windows! I am afraid it is about to get VERY cold! We were told that it can be very cold from mid-October through April so I am afraid I might be entering my hibernation period soon.

I just realized that I haven't updated everyone on my job. I worked this past weekend and overall it went really well. I was basically on my feet for 14 hours spread out over 2 days. I am not sure that I would want to be an in-store rep for the rest of my life but we are hoping and praying that this might transition into another position with the marketing firm so we will have to wait and see. I was definitely a novelty as an American - I am afraid that I might have answered more questions about myself and life in the US than I did about LG. Can you believe that they tax here at 20%?! I mean I guess it pans out since you get healthcare pretty much free and they don't have sales tax on anything. I should clarify - the highest they can tax is 20% and for internationals like myself they start you out at the max and then you have to register for a NIN (basically a Social Sec. #) and they will adjust your tax and refund you what excess they took out. Apparantly, you never get a tax rate of less than 12% no matter what - which still seems like a lot.

I better run - Chris should be home any minute and I need to finish dinner. I know. How domesticated of me! Oh, I need to apologize to everyone. I know so many of you have emailed me and I haven't gotten back with you. I am working on it but I could literally answer email all day every day - so be patient! :)

Love you all.


MOM said...

Hey girl!! please stay warm. I really feel for you, I know that the wet cold is not your favorite. Also, love the Atlanta blip. That should have reminded you of all the things that you are missing out on. Talk to you later!!

Trisha Insani said...

If it makes you feel any better, we've had several days of cold- nights in the low 30s-and rain, rain, rain. We had to use the defrost in our cars earlier this week to get the ice off the windshield.... :)

April Dawn said...

I've been thinking about you non-stop this week! I love you and miss you like crazy! Enjoy the cold weather! It's sunny in San Fransisco!

kristen said...

Hey girl! I just read all of your updates, so I feel pretty caught up:) I am so glad you guys are enjoying it and I miss you! Everything is good to you soon! kristen

MeMe said...

Hi Granddaughter....I know you are missing the good on South ( not soooo cold here). Loved reading all about your job and pumpkin bread baking and of course the Atlanta blip. I feel like I've seen you just by being able to visit with you on the blog. Stay warm and happy. Tell Chis "Hello". Love you....MeMe

Austin (Bro) said...

Was up girl! I havent talked to you in forever so i thought id holla at ya haha. The page is looking really cool and i am really excited about your job stuff. Well, i just wanted you to know that i love you and miss you alot and i hope everything is going well. Hope to talk to you soon!