Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Durham City Centre

This is the exact center of the city - a statue of the Earl of Durham - whoever he is?!? This is where the market on Saturdays is set up with fresh produce and stuff.
Another market shot. The building to the left with the work scaffolding is an old church where a couple of our friends have visited. We will probably give it a shot soon.
The River Wear. The river separates the "outskirts" of Durham from the City Centre, the University, the Castle and the Cathedral.
The entranceway to the Castle grounds.
Another shot of the City Centre from the opposite viewpoint. All the roads are cobblestone within the city. This was taken around lunchtime when it is busiest.


Paul said...

Hey guys. Looks like you have finally made it. I am sure Chris is about the happiest he has ever been for the following reasons: 1) Everything is old, 2) It looks entirely too cold, not to say that I will not be visiting, 3) If Chris had a phone and voicemail, he could keep the same ridiculous voicemail greeting as he had on his cell phone in the states and people may think its funny instead of infuriating as you wait for five minutes to leave a message 4)There are castle's and I can only imagine what his "healthy imagination" has contrived himself to be.... possibly at Hogwarts 4) Chris can now use his British accent and people will more than likely not think he is primarily insane, 5) Finally, and not to say these are all the reasons, Chris is probably considered quite stylish in his assortment of derby hats, hunting coats, dinner jackets, and grandpa sweaters.... of course only with the Professors who I would imagine are the only ones he is concerned with.

I would have to graciously ask that Chris begin to respond to emails and if he is going to place calls, they be placed at a reasonable time during the day in the "New World". We are not on Greenwich Mean Time (obviously plus the one hour to arrive at British Summer Time but I am not attempting to nail all of the details down). If you could be mindful of this I would appreciate it. Thank you and good day.

MOM said...

Wow!! The city and school are gorgeous. I can't wait to see it for myself one day. chris, you should be fitting in quite well. I sure hope you had a great day in your first day of classes!!!!
Love, MOM