Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Job Update

Well, I have a job! It is not anything glamorous but the hours are good and the pay is great. Basically, I sent in my resume to a Retail Marketing Research Firm (based in London) for a part-time position here in Durham on Friday, the guy emailed me on Monday afternoon saying that he was doing interviews in Durham today and could I meet with him, I met with him this afternoon at 3, at 5 he emailed me an offer and when Chris got home at 7 I accepted the offer.

RGM (the Retail Firm) has been contracted out by LG Technologies to promote their new LG Flat Panel TVs and to gather customer feedback on the product, LG as a company and customer service. RGM has hired me to be the rep here in Durham and partner with one of the stores here that will sell the LG TVs for in store promotions and working with the customer base. It is only part-time and involves weekend work since that is when most customers are shopping but this will give me the opportunity to spend time with Chris while he is not in class during the week and also continue looking for full-time work. I am not under contract so if something better were to come along more closely to my field than I could go that direction. Also, during the interview the guy said that a lot of times people start out in this position and then move up in the company.

I just wanted to update everyone.



Anonymous said...

YAY for a job!!! That's great news! I know the money coming in is a huge deal and puts your mind at ease! Good hours are always a blessing too! So glad to hear how things are playing out for you! I'm loving keeping up with you through your blog!! ;) Love ya,

kurt said...

um...would you mind sending me one of those flat panels you were talking about for testing? I'll answer all your questions, I promise!