Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pics of the University Grounds

Durham Castle Hill
Entrance to the Music School - across from the Cathedral
Durham Cathedral

The Cathedral is in the background and the Music School is the building on the right.

The University grounds are unbelievable! The Music School is literally in an ancient building with these gorgeous views of the Cathedral and the Castle. The Cathedral and the Castle form a quad with the Music School and University Libray on one side and some other buildings on the opposite side. There is a large grassy area in the middle. If you go to the outside of the quad you can see all of Durham proper and the countryside beyond. It really feels like you are in a fairy tale.


April Dawn said...
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April Dawn said...

Amber! This is unbelievable! It really does look like a fairytale! I want to come visit as soon as possible! Maybe I'll go to school there? Haha...Austin can come too!! Yeah :) I love all of the pictures of the town and school. I can't believe you actually live there! Now you're living the chance of a lifetime! Congrats on the new job! Is it still going well? I'm in Sacramento,'s beautiful here too!

5:17 AM