Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Campus Apartment Pictures

Our appliances...the small thing to the left is the washing machine (no dryer!). There is also a stovetop (called the HOB), stove and sink that we didn't get a picture of.
Our living room / dining room. All of the furniture looks like it came from Ikea.
The front entranceway to the building. There is usually someone at the front desk.
Our door!
Me in the kitchen.


dad said...

Hey guys! It's great to see a little of your new world. I noticed the pheasant jacket hanging in the hallway and I like the way you color coordinate your blog with your apartment (blue)!

Every day someone asks about you, so know that you are greatly missed.

Congratulations on a dream come true.

Love you both,


Linda Cahill said...

Chris & Amber -- we're glad you made it safe and sound. Thanks for posting the pictures -- now we can imagine your life a little better. If there is anything you need (other than something in blue) let us know! You guys are going to make some great memories that you'll tell others about for years -- enjoy it!! Keep the spare room ready for a few Cahills!


April Dawn said...

OH AMBER! What a wonderful adventure! I love it and I think it's incredibly cute! I love being able to picture what your life looks like now! I love you so much :) ~ Proverbs 3:5-6.


Trisha Insani said...

Hey you two! Glad to see you made it safely. Love the new digs, but I guess you will never want anything in blue ever again. You are going to have a fabulous time. Your pics bring back memories. We will stay in touch. Love you. The Insani's.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both! The pictures are great. You'll have lot's of fun. Keep us posted.
Betsy :)

Monica said...

I am SO VERY EXCITED for you! This will certainly be the time of your life. I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses this in your marriage for years to come. Praying you grow closer to each other and Him during this time. Excited to see more pictures, too! Much love, Monica

Mom and Bob said...

Hey Chris and Amber,
Sure was glad to hear from you.
The pictures are great - thanks for letting us see your new flat!!!
You guys are going to have so much
fun on your new adventure. I am so
proud of you both. Lots of adjustments but that is what makes it so fun. Enjoy and take care of each other. We will help you do something with that BLUE...
Chris, it looks like you need a little trim job on that beard!!!
Love you guys so very much...
Mom (the one on the boat)

mom said...

Hey guys! Love your new place. Amber, I know you will make it a wonderful home. I know you both love Green so splash a little here and there and enjoy. Keep on Trusting the Lord for Great Things!! Watch in anticipation for what He is going to do. Love all of the pictures, you know I love the visual. I am a so proud of both of you!!!

I Love You,


Dad and Debbie said...

Jim and Debbie

This is welcomed communciation. Knowing you are ok and watching your long awaited dreams starting to come true. I have information for the credit union I have set up for you, soooooo I need and address to send this stuff to you.

Write as much as you can...we miss you much

Dad and Debbie

Dad and Debbie said...

We are learning how to use this new communciation devise so forgive the stumbling. Just wanted to finish with saying how proud we are of both of you and how much we love you both. Be strong for each other and capture these memories

Dad and Debbie