Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Job Training in Newcastle

Hi everyone. I just got back from my new job training in Newcastle. Things went really well and I learned a lot more about the Marketing Firm and LG as a company. The best part was that I rode the train to Newcastle and back by myself without any problems! It is a very empowering feeling to figure out the train and bus systems and actually feel like you have a clue what is going on. I was really impressed with the Marketing Firm and how they handled the training session. I met with the LG account supervisor and we had a good discussion about future opportunities within the company - so who knows maybe that will go somewhere.

Chris had today off from classes so he spent his time at the library doing research for a new string piece he is working on. He has now been to all of his classes for the first time and has a pretty good idea of the expectations and schedule from here till Christmas.

It has rained 4 days out of the past 7, including all day today! I need some sunshine!

Love you all,



Ashley Usher said...


This sounds like a perfect opportunity for you! Congrats - miss you like crazy here in ATL!

Keep us updated on how everything continues to go.

love you, Ashley

MOM said...

Hey Girl!! I am in Americus and MeMe and I just checked out your blog. Sounds like the training went great. We love you and are so excited for this opportunity. Can't wait to talk to you again.

Mom and MeMe

Betsy Freeman said...

Congrats on the job! I'm excited for you. And I'm sure you will continue to get better on the trains. :)
We do miss you guys here, but we are excited to see what's going on with you.
I hope Chris is enjoying his classes too.
Love you!
Betsy :)