Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

I originally meant to post this a few weeks ago but had problems with the video uploading. Here's hoping it works this time!

We took Madeline to the Georgia Aquarium last weekend and had so much fun.  It was amazing to see everything through an almost two-year old's little eyes. She was captivated by how many fish there were and all of the colors. I think she would have climbed into the tanks if we would have let her! She also did a little dance at one point!

Madeline was very entertaining for the other people visiting the Aquarium as she has to wave and say "Hi!" to almost everyone we passed. She now insists that she is a pink fish with purple scales and swims around the house. 

She is such a sweet little girl with a heart that is open to everyone. She loves new experiences and constantly reminds me of God's blessings on our lives.  It is hard to even describe her without sounding like  a crazy mom but I truly believe that she is exceptional and God has a plan for her which is greater than we can comprehend. 

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