Friday, October 22, 2010


Today is Chris's 28th birthday!! This morning I am reminded of the words to the Jason Mraz song Lucky:

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend 
Lucky to have been where I have been 
Lucky to be coming home again 
I'm lucky we're in love every way 
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home again

I know that lucky is not best sentiment since we are actually very blessed but there are no songs out there about that! Anyway, as I look back over 9 years of Chris birthdays, I am so incredibly grateful for where we are today. Things have not always been easy but we have weathered the hard times with each other. 

My love, today I am thankful for...
       your laugh
       your ability to take an awkward situation and make it funny
       your drive to succeed
       your uncanny ability to know when I am talking crap :)
       your God-given talent
       your desire to know God better and understand His plan for our lives
       your love for Madeline and how you are an amazing father
       your patience and understanding 
       your enthusiasm for your work
       your loyalty
       your desire to see me smile
       your love

Happy birthday, sweetheart. I am blessed to be on this journey with you. You challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and life is never boring. I thank God every day that you waited at that Starbucks for me. We aren't perfect and God is still working in our lives everyday but we are better together then we are apart and I look forward to many birthdays to come. 

All my love.


M and L said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! May your 28th year be full of joy and laughter.

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite Son-in-law! You are such a blessing to our family and we are grateful that God brought you into our family. We pray for you each and everyday that as the years go by you will continue to pursue the purpose and plan that God has planned for your life.
We love YOU!
Keith and DEB