Friday, October 29, 2010

Look Who's Talking...

Madeline has been talking for the past few months but over the last 5 weeks (even more specifically the last 2 weeks) her speech has exploded. I am trying to catch her talking on video so I can post it but have been unsuccessful so far . She likes to run to the camera and look at the screen instead of being the subject of the video. We are working on it!

Her new favorite phrases are:
"I did it, I did it!"
"No, Mommy/Daddy/Maddie"
"Stop, Mommy/Daddy/Maddie"
"Maddie feet cold" - when she takes off her socks at dinner
"I help!"
"Emme, Emme, play" - her new friend across the hall
"Outside dark/cold/sun"
"Yum, yum, Mommy"
"Name and Place" - such as "Daddy school", "Papa church", "Oma house", "Anslee school"
"I fall down"
"I drop Ellie/milk/etc"
"I love you/Mommy/Daddy"

I am sure I am forgetting some. It is so cute to watch her learn new things and try them out. The other day she said "Mommy love Maddie" and my heart just melted. She has yet to say it again and since we were having a particularly stressful day that day I wonder if it was a special gift from God to remind me what is important.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I love all this. I think it's great that you're recording it all too, as it's so easy to forget when they started doing particular things. It's amazing how quickly talking picks up once they have the hang of it: when Charles was born, Digby was only saying single words. The other day I'd changed his bedsheets and he said to me "Mummy put my alien bed in the washing machine, I go to sleep in my Buzz Lightyear bed". I was amazed.

Really pleased to see that you're blogging and thanks for adding me to your blogroll, I shall put you on mine. :)