Monday, December 11, 2006

LG and Currys

I thought that everyone might enjoy seeing some pictures of my current job marketing for LG televisions. This coming weekend is my last one after 10 weeks and although I have really enjoyed meeting so many British people I am ready to move on. Basically, I go into a store called Currys which is pretty much modeled after Best Buy but smaller. There is an LG display wall with some of the larger Plasma and LCD models hanging on it. I stand there for 14 hours over 2 days and talk to people about the features on the new models and LG as a brand / company. Thankfully this Currys is one of the busiest in this area so I don't typically get too bored. As a side benefit I know WAY more about televisions and technology than I ever wanted to! :)
This is what Currys looks like from where I stand most days. What do you think - Best Buy or what? I have also learned a lot about aerials, DVD recorders, TV wall mounts, etc.

The LG wall. The bright light in the corner is the LG logo that lights up and doesn't photograph well apparently. Those TVs are 42" and 50" and look much bigger in person.

Another shot of the wall with the blinding light. If you can't read it the price on the 42" Plasma on top is 1199 GBP - appr. $2400!

This is the 42" LCD that I was initially in charge of working with primarily. They sold so well in the NE part of the country (where we are located) that LG had to cap the orders and has now discontinued the model. Currys sold the display model on Sunday afternoon after I took this picture.

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