Friday, December 08, 2006

Chris Ferebee, Conductor

This is Chris's debut as a conductor! For one of his classes he had to conduct a piece for a professional brass band. The picture quality isn't fabulous but it is the only we got. The piece went really well and his professor thought he did a good job. It looks like after Christmas Chris might start conducting an ensemble on a regular basis.

On a side note I have a job interview tomorrow (Friday) with the Newcastle City Council. It is only part-time but could be a place to start.

We are in serious countdown mode until we are in Atlanta - 1 week, 5 days! We will see everyone soon! Early Merry Christmas!


Dad and Debbie said...

What fun to read of your experiences and actually seeing pics of you all and the apt. I wish your pics had sound too, I would love to hear you conducting Chris. Hopefully, soon. Take care and we will see you very shortly. Can't wait.
Love You both

Dad and Debbie said...

Chris........When you become a famous conductor/arranger remember our deal.

Amber........when you're home for the holidays we will trust you in the kitchen, but we will be watching :)

We love you both!!!!!!!!!

Dad and Debbie

Trisha Insani said...

Oh Chris! You look so grown up! I love seeing you in your element. Amber, GL on your interview. I missed the part on what happened at the other place. Love to you both and have a safe trip home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Trisha, John, Chris and Jordan

Mom Hagan said...

You look so natural. One day there will be many people playing your music and under your leadership. We have great confidence in you and your God given talents and abilities.

Mom Hagan

April Dawn said...

So cool!

Cindy said...

Chris, I love it!!! So proud of you. I'd love to hear what you're studying, what you're writing, etc. etc. Bet you've been to some awesome concerts, too.

Love you! and loved seeing you at Christmas :-(

Ms. Cindy