Friday, December 08, 2006

Around Durham

Today as I was walking back from the train station I took a couple of pictures of places I like in Durham. I took these with my camera phone so some of the quality is not perfect. You at least get the idea. It was a beautiful day here - freezing but the sun was shining!

The train station is up on a hill overlooking the City Centre of Durham where the Castle, Cathedral and University are located. This picture is of the Castle coming through the trees with some of the town buildings around it.

Another shot of the Cathedral taken from the bridge.

One more of the Upper City Centre. Sorry about the sun glare.

This is St. Cuthbert's Church. One of the oldest churches in Durham. They still hold weekly services here. There is a pretty extensive graveyard around the church building. Some of the graves date back hundreds of years.

This is the gate leading from the road to St. Cuthbert's Church. It is always open. You may not be able to read it but the inscription says, "Greater love hath no man than he lay his life down for a friend."

This is the Bridge Hotel and Pub one of our favorite places to eat. The food is so good and it is just a fun place to be. They rent out rooms on the top floor.

A street of row homes that I pass walking into Durham. This is pretty typical of most of the homes here in Durham. We see worker trucks outside a lot and think that the owners are probably updating the homes to be more modern.

This is St. Leonards, a housing development right in front of our apartment building. They most closely resemble townhomes with 2 or 3 per building. They sell for between 300,000 GBP and 400,000 GBP ($600,000 - $800,000) and are considered good homes for the thirty-something small family / couples demographic.

The back of one of the St. Leonards townhome buildings. You can somewhat see the way the small yards are layed out.

And finally, Keenan House, our building. There are close to 70 apartments in our building. We are on the back of the building facing the new hospital. It is nice because there is a little grassy area and then the hospital parking lot.

Thanks for looking at my daily walk. Hope you enjoyed it!

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MOM said...

Wow!! What a gorgeous place. I am so glad that you had a beautiful day to enjoy and I know that you love the starbucks coffee. The buildings are beautiful. Can't wait to see you guys so very soon.