Monday, February 14, 2011

2011...A BIG Year

2011 is a big year for us with many exciting things to not only reminisce about but many to look forward to as well.

This year, actually just a few weeks from now, marks the 10 year anniversary of our first date and in May we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. It has also been 10 years since we graduated from high school and six years since I graduated from college. In November Madeline will turn 3 years old and by December Chris will be halfway done with his DPhil.

The most exciting thing to look forward to this year is a new addition to our little family. Yes, we are expecting another baby due to arrive in early October! We are extremely excited and can't wait to have a precious little one again. It is hard to believe that it has been almost three years since we found out I was pregnant with Madeline - time goes by so quickly! When I think about all of the wonderful moments she has brought to our lives I get simply giddy at the idea of what is to come. I can't wait to hold a newborn and watch Madeline as a big sister. Although she doesn't understand what is going on she is "so excited about the baby"!

We do have some decisions and possible changes to make, namely finding a larger apartment/house, so please keep us in your prayers. We know that this is God's perfect timing and that he knows what we need and will provide it in his time.

To answer the questions that always come with this type of announcement:
Due date - Oct 2
I feel great just a little tired.
We plan to find out the gender in May.

So that is how our 2011 is shaping up!


Anonymous said...

Squeeeee! How exciting! What brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you both (and for Maddy too!). :)

I replied to your email the other day btw, not sure if you got it as I just replied direct to the comment form thingy?

Tara said...


Ashley U. said...

AWESOME!!!! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Amberly and Chris and especially Maddy! We are so happy for you!