Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Official Countdown Begins...2 1/2 Weeks

Only 17 days until we are in the land of SUVs, fast food, GAP, 5 lane highways and country music and I CAN NOT wait! Of course we are so excited to see our friends and family (even though I have heard rumors that the only reason I come home is for Taco Bell I can assure they aren't true - but you will certainly score extra points if you suggest we meet up to eat and talk!) - it has been WAY too long. We have finished most of the Christmas shopping we planned to do in Durham and only have a couple of things to pick up in Atlanta once we are there. This weekend is the annual Christmas market in Durham and we absolutely loved last year and have been waiting for almost a month!

Chris is finishing up his school assignments and things for this term and those are all going well. It looks like he won't have to take any significant work to Atlanta and will be able to really enjoy himself while we are there. I have been told by my boss that no matter what she won't email or call me while I am gone and will try to figure things out for herself so I will be free as well! We may not know what to do with ourselves!

We can't wait to see everyone soon!



kristen said...

when can i see youuuuu?!?!

Sissy said...

ohhhh what's the Christmas market? I wonder if we have one here in Newcastle...hmmmm ;)