Monday, October 15, 2007

This Weekend

In an attempt to continue with the blogging I have decided that instead of waiting for something interesting to happen I will simply bore you all with the minute details of our lives. So here we go! :)

This weekend we had a great weekend!! First off I got to meet up with our friends Jonathan and Sissy (Sissy used to be Walters from FBA - most of you guys know her) who now live in Newcastle about 15 minutes from us by train. Anyway, Jonathan had to come to Durham for a race and Chris had a bunch of school stuff to do so Sissy and I got to hang out almost the whole day. We had a great time! We had lunch and did a bunch of shopping (groceries and toilet paper but still fun!) and then of course finished the day with coffee. It was so awesome to have someone here that you can talk to and know you are experiencing similar feelings and just life in general.

On Saturday night I baked banana nut bread but with no nuts because I didn't have any and it turned out so yummy! I am having a piece right now at work with coffee and it is even better then it was on Saturday. I am posting the link on here just in case anyone else wants to try it. It has sour cream in it which at first I thought was kind of weird but it makes the bread so moist that I now understand!

When Jim and Debbie (Chris's dad and step-mom) were here they bought us a really cool gadget for the kitchen - a stove top cast iron grill. It weighs a ton and sits on top of one of our burners and works almost as well as a grill on your back porch. We have grilled chicken a couple of times and it has been really good so last night I did pork chops and they were delicious!! They were all fat (not with fat but with meat) and cooked up so good with an apple and brown sugar glaze. Here is the recipe in case anyone is interested -

Now it is Monday and we are back to work/school. We fly out for Atlanta in 8 weeks!!! My fabulous friend Kristen (bridesmaid at the wedding for those of you who were there) is flying to England on Saturday for a bunch of different reasons but one is to see me and I can't wait! We will only get to hang out for a day or so because I have to work but I can't wait to even have that little bit of time with her this weekend!

Then Monday (22nd) is Chris's 25th birthday! What an old man! :) I tell him all the time that I am still almost 8 months away from being 25 and he hates it! On the upside what a great place and time to have a 25th birthday and I think he is rather lucky.

Better run for now - my 15 minute coffee and blog break are just about up. Hope everyone is well.


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