Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pregnancy Update & Picture

Hi! I thought it was about time to give everyone an update on Baby Ferebee. Although we don't have any new pictures (next ultrasound on June 26!) we definitely think s/he is growing as I am certainly growing! Here is a picture from about 10 days ago (16 weeks) - this was taken at night so I am a little bigger here then I am normally during the day:

I am feeling really great overall and am very very glad to have my appetite back finally. The only problem is now I desperately want Taco Bell, LaBotona and Chick-fil-A. We were watching Friends the other night and Joey was eating a sub sandwich with turkey and roast beef and all that night I dreamt about a Publix sub!

We just had Paul and Katy (Cahill) visiting with us for about 4 days and had an absolutely awesome time. We spent an afternoon and evening in Newcastle with Jonathan and Sissy (Massie) and another day in York which was fantastic. Cheryl (Chris's mom) and Memaw, (Chris's grandmother) fly in on the 19th and among other things they are taking us to London for a few days before Chris's graduation on the 27th. Jim (Chris's dad), Debbie (Jim's wife), Brandon (Chris's brother) and Lindsey (Brandon's girlfriend) are also flying for Chris's graduation so we are going to have an awesome time with everyone in Durham!

That is all the big news from the bright lights of Durham. Hope everyone is enjoying the 90 degree weather!! :)

Love to you all,

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Robert said...

well well well little are starting to poke out there...hahaha...we here at the Hanshaw house are certainly excited about the new addition to the family. I cant wait to see well as you. Things here are going very well. I am out of school and working at the hospitals around the area. There is a special someone in my life now and you will probably get to meet her at thanksgiving if you guys are there...and she will deffinately fit in this family...LOL...of that i am positive. take care and send me some mail every once in while.

love you