Sunday, February 04, 2007

Job Update!!

I have been wanting to post this exciting news for the past week but there have been problems with the blog site. I think they were upgrading or something.

Anyway, last Friday I accepted a position at the Durham Business School working as the Personal Assistant to the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies. It is a full-time position with 5 weeks paid vacation! I was scheduled to start tomorrow but they backed up on my visa paperwork so I will either start Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are so excited for this opportunity! I met the AD in the final interview and she seems very nice. I think we will work well together. Continue to pray for me as I start the job and learn more about the responsibilities and my specific role in the office. I am a little nervous about working in such a different environment!

Chris's classes are going well. He has a conducting tutorial with the conductor of the BBC Philharmonic Symphony on Tuesday which is a huge deal! Then the symphony is playing a concert at the cathedral Tuesday night and we are going to that together.

Just wanted to update everyone on the job news and thank you all for your prayers and support. We love you.



April Dawn said...

Good to hear from you!! This is all great news! I love you!

Sissy said...

Congrats again, Amber, on this incredible opportunity!! You will be excellent and I know they will all love you!! You'll be great, don't worry!! Glad to read the update!!

Betsy said...

Congratulations! I have been thinking about you lately. I am excited to hear your news. I know you will do a great job there and that they will just love you!!
What else have you been up to?
Love you, Miss you,

MeMe said...

Hey, Girl. I just know you are blowing the doors down in your new job. They are probably wondering how they ever got along without you. Keep the news coming. Love you.

Dad said...

Hey girl,

How are the Durhamites? I know things have been quite busy for you with the new work schedule. Everything going well? It's a far cry from selling LG's, isn't it? We are thrilled for you regarding the new job and know that you are going to do great. Have you resolved the shoe issue yet? Last I checked, pumps are not the best choice for snow and ice.

I got my framed picture of Durham back this week and it looks fantastic. The color and style of the frame is so complimentary to the pic itself. I love it and I think of you both every time I look at it. Thank you both very much.

This week I did a job with FAST SIGNS and Nichole told me to tell you hello. She has family in England, too, so she said she could really identify.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of graphic designs at work. I need your critical eye. And where's your editorial skills when I need them? Poor April has been forced to depend on me to help her get some things written for college! Yes, with your absence, she has stooped this low.

As you can tell, we miss you guys. Give us a shout when you can and let us know the latest from the Big Island.

Love ya.

Carol said...

Hey Chris and Amber,
It was so great to meet and spend time with you during my visit to Durham. Dinner was such fun. Sorry we didn't get a final goodbye. Hopefully, I will see you again this summer when I return with my husband. The two of you are such a gift to Mike and Lisa! I will be praying for you both as you continue forward with your studies and careers.


Anonymous said...

post something....please!!!